The Oníra Alchemy: Formula I5

At Oníra, business solutions are custom-tailored for each client. We strive to complement your organizational structure and culture while opening new paths and perspectives to meet your goals.  Our approach blends deep listening, strategic thinking and inquiry with intuitive collaboration and creative play.  The core elements of our process include:

  • INVESTIGATION: Critical analysis (through academic research, focus groups, interviews, environmental scans, statistical analysis, and policy review) informs every Oníra project.  It is often the foundation of our work together.
  • IMAGINATION: Crafting social change is fundamentally a creative process. After investigation, we often approach the project through brainstorming, visioning exercises, and where applicable, through artistic exercises that free the client from fixed solutions and expand their definition of what’s possible.
  • INCLUSION: We believe that all relevant stakeholders should have a voice in designing programs – especially the intended program beneficiaries who often have profound insights and solutions to the problems in their communities. Their voices are vital to our process.  
  • IMMERSION: In order to gain an authentic understanding of the people, communities and issues involved in each client project, we connect directly with them.  Oníra operates on the frontlines of social change.  Site visits, extended on-site collaborations, participation in local events, and one-on-one conversations with change-makers often inform our work.
  • INNOVATION:  The fusion of investigation, imagination, inclusion, and immersion enables our team to devise refreshingly unique solutions for every client