Intuitive Impact Coaching

Move your life forward. Reach your goals. Clarify your path and purpose. Increase your confidence. Get motivated and take action.

Three passions have always fueled my life: writing, personal transformation and social change. For the past decade, I’ve worked as a social entrepreneur, empowering disadvantaged communities in the US and globally through community organizing, fundraising, coaching, teaching and philanthropy. The common thread is a commitment to self-actualization for myself and others. I believe we are each born for a unique purpose in this world – and our lives are most fulfilled when we are living from – and rooted in that purpose. 

My approach to coaching integrates creativity, intuition and strategy. It draws on wisdom from training in Somatics, executive coaching, and apprenticeships with traditional healers in Brazil.  In our sessions we connect to what drives you, what you dream about, what blocks you and what frees you? Most importantly, we co-create a tactical plan to guide you in pursuing your purpose. This process ignites your passion and channels it into tangible change.  Read below for client feedback and contact me to schedule a consultation.

“Lorelei brings a level of depth and insight to her approach that is calming, practical and sharp. Our work together has been very helpful in bringing clarity and focus to my next steps and even my approach not just in what I want to accomplish, but in the strategy itself to envision the path, the product and the process. She helped me understand what was blocking me and move towards a more definitive path. I would definitely recommend her, as her talents are that of a living vision board helping you see where you are and where you want to be clearly, and succinctly.” – Mikal

“After an unforgettable experience in a workshop series led by Lorelei around the idea of purpose, I immediately contacted her for a one-on-one session. Lorelei is uniquely able to create a calm, focused space for self connection and self-reflection for those she’s working with. In that space of connection, really amazing things are possible. As a very pragmatic person, I appreciated Lorelei’s willingness to roll up her sleeves and work with me on the nuts and bolts of my life; mapping it with her was eye-opening and grounding. I highly recommend Lorelei for group or personal facilitation and continue to learn from the insights I gained in our sessions.” -Jocelyn 

“I worked with Lorelei when I was launching the Global Language Project. As a new organization, we needed seasoned leadership to assist us with the strategic direction for our nonprofit.  Lorelei helped us to focus our vision and mission. In my role as executive director, Lorelei has served as a mentor for me providing valuable advice and feedback. She challenges people and organizations to go beyond what they think they are capable of in order to maximize potential.”  -Angela  


 “Lorelei is an amazing coach and really helped me begin to consciously work towards aligning my professional and personal goals. She is great at asking probing questions that helped me to focus in on what was really at the root of my goals and build strategies towards realizing them. Also, as a visual artist, I found Lorelei open to learning about the work I make and how my experiences motivate the goals I have for my future. This allowed for us to set deadlines and strategies that I felt were unique and deeply considerate of who I am. Since working with Lorelei I have developed a circle of accountability partners that motivate me to see my dreams come true and I feel much closer to seeing them manifest. I highly recommend her as a life coach!”  – Merland